Short Shaggy Hairstyles For Ladies Over 60

It’s a known fact that hairstyle means a lot when it comes to creating an unforgettable image. Willing to look brilliant at any age, women try to choose the cuts which make it possible for them to always be stylish and chic. Ladies over 60 have to take aging changes into account when searching for the best cut which will make them look younger than their age. Women over 60 usually have thin, grey, coarse hair, so it’s necessary to select a cut perfect for such hair type.

Longish locks of hair and buns often make the look old-fashioned. If you want to create a brilliant image, then you have to follow the trends. Short shaggy hairstyles for women over 60 are the most modern and up-to-date cuts which will help you easily create the desired look. The most important thing you should do is choose the cut which is suitable for you.

Short Cuts And Their Pros

2018 is a year of short cuts. Giving preference to such cuts, ladies over 60 get a wide range of advantages:

  • they look much younger than their age;
  • they create an extraordinary image;
  • they spend minimum time styling the short cut;
  • it’s the most convenient cuts for everyday life.


Pay attention to cuts requiring minimum styling. Ladies over 60 have to take care of their hair in order it to be healthy and glowy. That’s exactly why it’s suggested to avoid using hairdryer, curling iron and straightener.

Short Shaggy Hairstyles For Women Over 60: What To Choose From

Now it’s time to figure out which cut it’s worth giving preference to in order to look fashionable in any situation.


The stylists recommend:

  • layered cuts;
  • half shaved hairstyles;
  • graduated cuts;
  • short bob;
  • shaggy cuts;
  • boho chic hairstyles.


Short bob is one of the most widespread cuts for ladies over 60. This is a cut which lets creating lots of diverse looks. It is always in style; you can add side bangs in order to create even more stylish and eye-catching look.

Some ladies prefer doing pixie cut which is also recommended by the stylists. Pixie may help a woman look much younger than her age, create a natural image at any time and no matter what. Pixie also adds volume which makes such cut even more appealing for ladies with fine hair.

Sassoon is a cut which is also often chosen by ladies over 60. This cut is just a catch for women with thin, dry hair – it adds volume and makes hair look much healthier and shinier. However, ladies with thick hair can also prefer Sassoon – the cut looks effective and really eye-catching. Layered Sassoon is in style nowadays, so give preference to such cut, especially if you have an oval shaped face.